Unleashing the power of Web3 with the simplicity of a phone number

What is Redeem?

We take the familiar (the phone number) and link it to the new (blockchain wallets), allowing users to easily store, access and use their digital assets anywhere.


How it works

Seamless onboarding

Two clicks and five seconds for a user to complete. No app to download or form to fill out, just a simple text.

Scan QR code to generate SMS message

Frictionless redemption

Allows users to redeem tickets, rewards and memberships at various endpoints by scanning a QR code or using their phone number.

Use at PoS, IRL or online

NFT utility across wallets

Allows users to link any blockchain wallet to their phone number, providing unrivaled flexibility and convenience.

Access multiple wallets with one identifier

Claiming & transferring NFTs

Allows users to exchange digital assets using existing behaviors and familiar services like iMessage, WhatsApp and SMS.

Share and receive via text

The best technology doesn’t feel techy at all

Redeem addresses the biggest hurdles

  1. 1

    Users don’t want to change behaviors and learn new systems.

    Redeem links digital assets to something everyone already knows and loves: their phone number. No familiarity with Web3 or NFTs necessary.

  2. 2

    Multiple wallets, platforms, passwords and sign ups. Everything feels scattered and disorganized.

    Simplicity reigns supreme with Redeem. The user journey is frictionless. Onboarding, claiming, transferring and redeeming are done with ease.

  3. 3

    Cross-brand collaboration is complex. Point-to-point technical integrations are laborious. Data is siloed.

    Redeem removes the complexities that exist in current processes so users and brands can fully leverage the benefits of Web3 that make their lives easier.

  4. 4

    Inaccurate attribution, fraud and data integrity.

    Redeem brings together the simplicity of the phone number and the security of the blockchain. The result? Perfect attribution. No bots or fraud. Reaching real people at real (carrier-issued) numbers.

  5. 5

    Creator ownership offers limited opportunity to explore new tools while retaining desired reach.

    Brands, creators and artists no longer need to choose between old-school paradigms with mass scale reach and new technologies limited to a crypto-native user base. Redeem gives them the best of both worlds.

  6. 6

    Customers’ worlds (physical, digital, eComm, gaming, Web3, Metaverse) exist in isolated silos.

    Access everything, all wallets, all worlds, all you need, with one phone number.